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  • Your 20 years outreach, influence, and quality activities in the region and state are impressive.
    Nancy ZarendaVice President, Hispanics In Energy
  • Thank you Sergey and Julia for being a vital link to the Russian speaking community of our region.
    David MorikawaExecutive Director
  • Keep up the great work that you do and especially for the children!
    Councilman Steven M. Detrick Elk Grove City Council, District 3 www.SteveDetrick.com [email protected]
  • Russian Observer is an awesome newspaper! Very informational and true to its community!
    Valentina Vasilchuk Serdichenko
  • Моё особенное "Спасибо!" редактору газеты "Славянское обозрение" Ольге Гаричкиной и её основателю Сергею Иванникову за публикацию моих стихов на страницax этой газеты. Благодарю!!!
    Alesya Mk
  • Thank you Sergey Ivannikov it was a pleasure to meet you and your wife. I love the great things you are doing in this region and look forward to building with you!
    Cory D Jackson
  • Dear Sergey, I am looking forward to our continued friendship. The more I see that you do for the community, the more I admire you. Thank you for all that you do!
    Joshua Paul
  • APAPA Congratulates Annual International Kids Festival hosted by Russian American Media at William Land Park. Kids from the diverse community participated in the performance… It’s a small world after all! Assemblymember Roger Dickinson was able to say “Spasibo” (thank you in Russian) after his short speech at the stage. Thanks Sergey for starting this Event more than 10 years ago and has grown leap and bound and participated by diverse community; elected officials and sponsors of the California Region.
    Tom Bhe
  • Thanks again for all your support Sergey, we really appreciate all that you do for Go Red, American Heart Association event!
    Michael Castillo
  • I just attended an international business summit in Los Angeles. Many of the speakers spoke about the fact that future leaders will need to better understand the importance of global cooperation and how our futures are all more interconnected than ever before. The International Kids Festival held at Sacramento’s famous William Land Park is not only a fabulous free and fun family event, it is helping lay the groundwork to promote the next generation of citizen to citizen diplomacy and goodwill. Each year this event attracts more diverse community support because the lead organizers, dedicated sponsors and volunteers understand the value of teaching our children to respect themselves and others by simply having fun together.
    Frank Gayaldo
  • To create the opportunity of your DREAMS, make the BEST of the opportunity right before you. Do that and your DREAM OPPORTUNITY will be knocking on your door. (Inspired by S. Ivannikov)
    Viliami Tuivai (Coach V)
  • We’re excited to announce Russian American Media as our most recent media sponsor for the 2013 Race for the Cure! RAM is a significant and diverse multimedia company serving the Russian-Speaking community of Northern California.
    Sacramento Valley Affiliate of Susan G. Komen for the Cure
  • Dear Sergey and Friends at Russian American Media, A huge “Chorus of Thanks” for the amazing work you do in drawing our various communities together. Simply amazing!
    James McCormick
  • This event reminds us to pay more attention to our children. My good fortune was to co-sponsor this event, and to declare an “International Children’s Day”. We first announced this official Day of Recognition at the “International Kids Festival” in 2012. This was a memorable occasion. We believe this annual event will be historic, as well as educational and fun for the children of the State of California.
    Roger Dickinson
  • Looking forward and bring my family also especially my four year old niece Sophia!
    Bernadette Chiang
  • Get ready for a day filled with a lot of fun…. Free jump house, goodies, treats, amazing photo opportunities and a fun program on stage!!! What could be better )) My out of town friends… plan to be here! ))))
    Valentina Vasilchuk Serdichenko
  • Сергей, доброго дня Вам! Слежу за Вашей деятельностью в Сакраменто! Вы большие молодцы!
    Ludmila Kachkar
  • Находясь в миссионерской поездке, мысленно возвращаюсь к событиям до моего отьезда и с теплотой вспоминаю славянский вечер в Калифорнийском капитолии, где я имел честь получить награду. Большое вам спасибо за то, что вы делаете для славянской диаспоры в Сакраменто, и в частности, за такую высокую оценку моего труда. Хочу еще много сделать совместных добрых дел. Да благословит Вас Господь!
    Петр Сердиченко
  • Thanks Sergey I for continuing building The bridge in the Community. CC Yin, Pratiba Salini , I and APAPA are honored to join the Russian Speaking Copmmunity tonight at the State Capitol with Emcee Aliona Kravchuk and miss Russian California 2013 Liliya Karavan. Spasibha!
    Tom Bhe
  • Thank you so much for including FOX40 last night. What a great event! The food was fantastic! I have not had Russian cuisine before, so every bite was a new experience, and I loved it! I got a business card from the caterer so we can have them on the morning show for a regional cuisine segment later this year! The music was moving…. I love live musicians! I made so many wonderful connections too! I want to thank you for the opportunity, and I look forward to continued partnerships with the Russian community.
  • Sergey, Thank you so much for the hospitality… the great entertainment, food and pomegranate wine. We had a wonderful time. It was a highly produced event. Very impressive. And we’re honored by the award.
    Joe Barr
  • Thank you very much for invitation! and great the BEST of the BEST event!!!
    Kristina Sosina
  • Sergey, Thank you for hosting me at the The BEST by Russian-Speaking Community Award Ceremony and congratulations on a spectacularly successful event!
    Alexey Bulankov
  • Sergey and Olga, Congratulations on another successful The Best event! I know it takes a ton of work to pull off such a large and complex event. And you two did it brilliantly! All of our guests loved the music, dance and, of course, the Miss Russian California Grand Finale! Thank you for being such great community and business partners.
    Rick Cwynar
  • Thank you Russian American Media, especially Sergey Ivannikov and Olga Ivannikov for great The BEST by Russian-speaking community Award Ceremony. You are The Best in our Russian-speaking community!
    Yuriy Filippov
  • Dear Olga and Sergey, Thank you for allowing us to be a part of the “Best of the Best” event. We had a great time. I have been blessed to have both of you and the Russian Community come into my life last year! Thanks again!
    Steven M. Detrick
  • Dear Sergey and Olga, I want to thank you for giving me the opportunity to be a part of your event on a different level this year. It was my pleasure and honor to be able to support you in anyway that I could.
    Eleni Malko
  • GREAT show Friday!!!
    Brett Freeman
  • Sergey & Olga, I wanted to take a moment to thank you for inviting me to be a part of such a wonderful community event. I had no idea what to expect but am certainly wow’d by all that you have put together. The food was delicious. The performances – entertaining. The ballet – amazing! And of course, the pageant was certainly the highlight of the night. Most importantly, I really like the philanthropic efforts of your organization and everything you are doing for the Russian-speaking community. There is no doubt that it is a strong and devoted community, and I feel that a lot of that is directly related to your hard work in keeping it all together. Spasibo!
    Will Rodriguez
  • Sergey and all Russian American Media team, Congratulations with successful The Best of the Best event!!! We really enjoyed it!
    Sergey Terebkov
  • Thank you Sergey Ivannikov and Olga Ivannikov for inviting me as a sponsor to your Annual Russian Gala! The Event was Best of the Best!
    Nelli Rosh
  • Great job, organizers of the Best of the Best! Sergey Ivannikov, we appreciate what you are doing for our community.
    Valentina Vasilchuk
  • The BEST by Russian-Speaking Community Award Ceremony is an exquisite and cultural rich event. A blend of Slavic hospitality and a showcase for successful leaders and organizations. Not to mention gourmet food and lavish entertainment.
    Taro Arai
  • Just a quick note to say what a wonderful event you held Friday evening. I know those things take a lot of time and planning and kudos should go out to all involved. My wife and I thoroughly enjoyed the evening.
    Jeff Slowey
  • Sergey Ivannikov it was my honor and privilege to take part in such a wonderful affair!! I walked away with more than just an amazing experience I walked away with friendships with KINGDOM MINDED PPL!! Can not wait to do life with your org and many other ppl that I connected with last night!! Excited to see what God has planned for the future!!
    Nancy Mcmillan
  • We like and support RAM for all the community events they provide. We appreciate being associated with them and look forward to doing more together!
    Dennis Gray
  • Good job, Sergey! Keep doing your good works for the community & you will prosper. Philippians 4:6-8.
    Ken Cooley
  • We can’t thank you enough for including us and for all that you do for our youth! It was an amazing feeling to spend time with the children we brought last year… very special children and event.
    Mona Schmidt
  • I use my smart phone to get news updates or look something up. Russian American Media is the only local Slavic agency that offers digital versions of newspaper, magazine, and directory in both Russian and English. Very handy and convenient. Recommend.
    Ben Istomin
  • Just saw your Russian Time magazine at River Bend Medical Group in West Sacramento… Great publication!
    Jay Henderson
  • Great entertainment, phenomenal food, excellent networking opportunity… The Best by Russian-Speaking Community is a must-attend event!
    Michael Hayes
  • Personally I like the newspaper that Russian American Media publishes. I get my daily news scoop online; there is a plenty of great main stream media channels out there; however, there are not many ways to stay in touch with our local Russian-Speaking Community. To me, Russian Observer newspaper is the best way to find out what’s going on and who does what. A+++.
    Oleg Volosatov
  • I am the owner of Yuri’s Carpet Cleaning, a company that has been in business for over 15 years and does both residential and commercial objects. I have advertised with Russian American Media since the very first year and I am very satisfied with the services and the response. Their services are both efficient and effective.
    Yuri Golovey
  • If you haven’t connected with the Russian American Media here is your chance. A fabulous media company reaching out to the Russian speaking community about all the opportunities in the Northern CA region.
    Veronica Delgado
  • Miss Russian California is a five star event in the Sacramento region. Beautiful, Intelligent, Smart young ladies from the Slavic communities with the support from responsible corporate citizens and Russian American Media…omg!!! Where is Edgar?
    Edgar A. Calderón
  • Sergey and his firm, Russian American Media are outstanding. They provide an excellent service to the Russian American community, and professional and responsive customer service to their advertisers. I recommend he and his company without qualification.
    Christopher Kerosky
  • I know Sergey first of all as Professional. He is reliable and trustworthy specialist in Public Relations. I see him and his companies growing regardless of any economical storms. If you need to deliver the message to Russian community – he has a vehicle for you, and not just one – the entire fleet. Just check RussianAmericanMedia.com and give Sergey a call.
    Dmitry Aks
  • Sergey Ivannikov, founder and CEO of Russian American Media (RAM), works tirelessly serving clients of the Russian-Speaking communities and providing the Slavic community meaningful events. RAM is Northern California’s largest multi-media source for not only the Slavic community, but the vast and diverse communities at large. Sergey is an exceptional leader with a passion to serve the community; collaborating with many influential government officials and corporations. He has organized annual receptions at the State Capitol, business expos, as well as educational events. I have much respect for Sergey and have my highest recommendation.
    Susie Low
  • After my meeting with RAM marketing advisor Alexander Ignatov, I decided to advertise with Russian American Media. My business partner and I are pleased with RAM’s quick and detailed responses – their attention, care and concern are second to none. RAM has a customer-oriented team of individuals lead by Sergey Ivannikov, an honest and trustworthy CEO and friend.
    Peter Kyung
  • Our large 235-member SCSO Classical Music Team thanks and congratulates the Russian American Media team for continually finding ways of building strong communities within our larger community. We salute you for creating communication between so many diverse groups in our region and for continually establishing “real-time” dialogues in so many corners of our Community.
    James McCormick
  • We strongly believe it’s important to recognize the many contributions of the Slavic community in shaping the diverse culture and rich heritage of our local community. We are honored and privileged to be a supporter of the “Green Future” International Kids Festival and the message it delivers.
    Andy Mosney
  • I was impressed with your International Kids Festival. Nicely done!
    Suzanne Mortensen
  • Thank you for including Construction Cares For Children in your Annual International Kids Festival program. The crowd turnout was great and the energy level by all participants was contagious. I hope you are happy by the outcome of the event. It’s clear by everyone’s comments that many look forward to being part of this family-oriented festival. I look forward to joining you again next year.
    Bill Quiroz
  • Dear Sergey, Olga and all RAM team, Congratulations on a very successful Best of the Best and a very successful Miss Russian California Grand Finale. It was truly a wonderful event. Everyone had a great time. Thank you for allowing me to participate again. I am honored to be a part of this event.    
    Fred Millar
  • Sergey, thank you for hosting us at The Best. We really enjoyed the night’s program, and were very flattered by the recognition of our International Coverage. I particularly enjoyed the level of professionalism of the entertainers – the music and dancing was amazing! Thanks again, and I’m already talking about next year!
    Constance Crawford
  • Sergey and Olga – Thanks again for inviting us to be a media supporter of your wonderful “Best of” event. I didn’t think it was possible to improve upon what you did last year, but you exceeded my expectations once again. Kudos and congratulations on such a fine event! I really enjoyed it! Thanks
    Clayton Blakley
  • We are thankful to Sergey Ivannikov at the Russian American Media, Inc. who has been a great partner with Sacramento World Music and Dance Festival.
    Lina Fat
  • Хочется поблагодарить главного “виновника” этого торжества Сергея Иванникова за приглашение. Hаблюдался повышенный интерес к нашей церкви. Я вижу очень много положительного в проведении таких праздников!
    Николай Боричевский
  • Bro Sergey, Wow!! What an absolutely awesome time we had participating with the best in the Russian-speaking community. I feel very honored and thrilled to be a part of the ministry you’re involved in and we are thankful for your help in establishing EPIC Bible College in our area.
    Dr. Ronald W. Harden
  • Thanks Sergey. Thanks for your support and participation!
    Cassandra H.B. Jennings
  • Dear Sergey, thank you for giving us the opportunity to perform and be there! It was such an awesome event!
    Christina Hinschberger
  • Hi Sergey, the event was spectacular and my hats off to you and your wonderful crew for pulling this off. Very well attended and we had lots of interactions throughout the day that were all very good and a very positive experience for us overall. I did not know what to expect and am very impressed with what your team does and the success of both events we have been too. We look forward to the others as well, so please keep us in mind in the future.
    Mike Klagenberg
  • The International Kids Festival gets bigger and bigger every year.  As always, the children were a fantastic audience.  I love how they crowd around me on the stage.  Great work to Sergey and his team for putting on one of Sacramento’s premiere Memorial Day Weekend events.
    James Barrera
  • I am grateful for the opportunity to participate, and now appreciate the significance of this great event!
    Rick Fowler
  • Thanks Sergey, And as I said that day, even though it was a little crazy out there ( a good crazy),  your team on site was responsive, calm and handled themselves beautifully.  Please thank them for me too.
    Maryanne Ciaraglia
  • Inspiration 4 Life special Thanks to my good friends RAM | Russian American Media for such an amazing event at the International Kids Festival 2013! I4L was so honored being media sponsor for this amazing event that touch so many children’s lives and transcended all cultures from all age groups! Celebrating Our Children! Many blessings to my beautiful extended family!
    Nancy Greace McMillan
  • Wonderful individuals of our community-it has been a pleasure knowing you & anticipate working many days with you keeping peace; sharing it abundantly! You all look great~
    James Wade Brooks
  • Just a note to say how good it was to meet you and how much I LOVED the Kids’ Festival!  We will definitely be there next year!!  You all did a great job bringing so many wonderful people together – thank you so much for including us!
    Faith Whitmore
  • APAPA Congratulates 9th Annual International Kids Festival hosted by Russian American Media at William Land Park, 5/25/13. Kids from the diverse community participated in the performance…It’s a small world after all! with Roman July…State Assembly Member Roger Dickinson with Sergey Ivannikov… Roger was able to say “spashiba” (thank you in Russian) after his short speech at the stage. Thanks Sergey for starting this Event 9 years ago and has grown leap and bound and participated by diverse community; elected officials and sponsors in the Greater Sacramento Region.
    Tom BheCEO
  • Спасибо еще раз за приглашение на Ваш праздник, получила истинное удовольствие! Все было сделано очень профессионально и красиво, с душой! Ваша замечательная Оля была сердцем и головой этого  праздника, какая она молодец! Вы с ней не только красивая внешне пара, но и органичная по духу. Приятно было повстречать столько знакомых людей, это тоже показатель отношения диаспоры к Вашему мероприятию. Меня также восхищяет Ваше удивительное умение общаться с людьми, для каждого найти нужное слово, а главное делать это от всего сердца. Большое Вам за это спасибо.
    Наташа ОуэнWeb Developer