California is a blessed home to many different nationalities, living in peace and mutual respect under the Sun. We came here to be happy, successful, learn from others and share with others. Russians are famous for living their lives in a moment, forgiving with ease, capable genuine feelings of love, compassion and committed friendship.

Russians uphold conservative family values, believing in parental authority, giving plenty of loving attention to their children, respecting their ancestors. Russians are pragmatic but optimistic; they never give up in a fight and have limitless endurance. They are famous for being street smart, resourceful, hands-on problem solvers. Russians are passive when they don’t see how work can improve their lives, but they are the hardest workers on Earth, when they are working towards a better future. Slavic people are honest, law abiding. Contrary to a hostile image created by Hollywood, Slavic community is peaceful and law – obedient. The years 2007-2009 brought many changes to the residents our community. Many of us had to face challenges, which forced them to rethink their business know even to change the direction ventures. Along with America, which has become our new home we share economical recession. Yet, well-endured Slavic soul always finds the source of power move ahead.

Once again realized that sky is the limit to growth of the immigrants. Russians are genuine people, capable of expressing profound feeling. We are spiritual believe in God; we thank His numerous blessings which gave us a chance to bring another even more simple convenient, informative and accurate edition of The Russian Yellow Pages Directory.