Russian Americans

Demographics & Market Analysis
Russian Americans


There is an estimated 1,100,000 Russian-speaking residents living in California. Russian-speaking community includes over 150 ethnic minorities from the 15 republics of the former Soviet Union all united by 1 common language. Slavic-American population incorporates people of multiple ancestry including Russian, Ukrainian, Armenian, Lithuanian, Latvian, Hungarian, Czech, Polish, Slovak, Uzbek, Kazakh, Georgian, Moldavian, and other. Although each ethnic group has its own cultural identity, a majority of Slavic people speak Russian as their first or second language at home.


Residents of Slavic descent are primarily concentrated in the Greater Sacramento Valley, San Francisco and Bay Area, and Southern California. According to the US CENSUS 2010 California is fourth largest geographical cluster for the Russian-speaking Americans in the nation. Sacramento Valley alone hosts a community of over 250,000 Russian-speaking consumers.


Russian-speaking community is a vast, affluent, and quickly-developing market. Slavic Americans tend to be brand-oriented and loyal consumers. Based on the US CENSUS 2010 data the Slavic community makes up approximately 6% of total US population which makes Slavic Americans the third largest single ethnic group in the country. The average size of a Russian-speaking family is 5 people. 74% of the Slavic population is over the age of 25, 54% are homeowners. The average annual income is $68,000 per household.


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