Our Future & Past


The Russian American Media team has been helping exceptional clients reach out to and connect with the vast and diverse Russian-speaking community of California and beyond. Russian American Media specializes in “marketing that matters” with the type of campaigns that constructively and positively impact our immigrant communities which, in turn, serves to build consumers’ trust and loyalty.

To extend our reach beyond typical advertising formats and create diverse and culturally enriching experiences, we have now established ourselves at the center of the Russian-speaking community life, now producing major events and serving as a vital source of information and inspiration for over 1,000,000 Californians.

Our award-winning publications are regularly distributed in popular locations, including Slavic churches, Grocery Stores, Offices of our Advertisers, and to our Subscribers. Our team has accumulated wide experience in all aspects of media presentation amounting to dozens of years of media, promotion and advertising experience within the Russian-speaking community.

Among other things, we feature and have become specialized in publishing the “RUSSIAN OBSERVER NEWSPAPER, the“RUSSIAN TIME MAGAZINE” and the very popular RAM.DIRECTORY.

Our professional team produces all media “in house”, including professional translation, and all aspects of photo, video and graphic design. This allows us to offer both low cost and the highest quality products to our clients. Over the years, our client base has consistently grown and presently ranges from small local businesses, churches and non-profits to large corporations, such as Wells Fargo and AT&T. We attribute our continuing and growing success to an uncompromising commitment to our values – integrity, professionalism and a long-standing celebration of our local communities that we are fortunate to represent.