Cross-cultural Marketing

Building Bridges for Lasting Results.
At Russian American Media our objective is simple, give you the power to connect with the Russian-speaking residents in more personal and meaningful ways. We do it in two steps. First, we adapt your idea to the specifics of the Russian-speaking market. Second, we deliver it to the Slavic consumers via specific media channels. We build this connection using the services listed below.

Message Adaptation

Have a product, service, or a message you want to deliver to the Russian-speaking community? Tell us what it is and we will make sure it reaches your target audience without getting lost in translation. Let us adapt your campaign to the cultural specifics of the Russian-speaking consumers so it bypasses cultural barriers.

Market Analysis

Not an expert on the Slavic community? Let us guide you through the dynamics, demographics, and specifics of the Russian-speaking consumers.

Creative Development

The Russian-speaking market is not ordinary. Your campaign shouldn’t be either. Every Russian American Media artwork, press, or creative is handcrafted to give your message a perfect fit into the Slavic perception.

Strategy Formulation

You have something to say? We will make sure they’ll listen. Let us connect the dots by channeling your message straight to point of the Russian perception. We specialize in strategy formulation that allows you to penetrate the Russian-speaking community one step at a time until you know you’ve hit a home run.

Campaign Management

We set you up on a journey inside the mysterious Russian soul. We’ll be there to guide you through every step of the way. We don’t believe in pre-sets. Our media and marketing campaigns are creative, dynamic, and carefully nurtured.

Business optimization for the new era of Social Media

As a professional team that helps value-driven local companies to reach their full potential, we will be honored to support your development.

We provide custom business optimization package that will help you deliver unparalleled value to your patrons, ensuring their loyalty.
It will also maximize your market position by adding unique elements that will attract new clientele and make them thrilled by their experience.

Let us show you how to skyrocket your value proposition and increase your social media relevance.

Upon specific need we also facilitate smooth and cost-effective implementation of these strategies and setting new systems in place.