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Russian Time is a high-end quarterly magazine that has been acclaimed as one of the most exquisite and elite publications among the Russian-speaking Californians. This is one of a kind publication that addressed the interests of first and second generation Slavic Californians as well as Americans interested in all things Russian. The magazine reaches over 1,000,000 adult readers primarily in their late 20’s, 30’s, and 40’s. Target audience includes young families, working professionals, and homeowners.

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“I would like personally congratulate you and your team on the Russian Time Magazine spring 2015 issue. You have done an amazing job. I absolutely love it how the magazine has been professionally put together. Thank you for your hard work especially on page 57. It looks awesome. Much more than I have imagined. Well done!”

Oleg Klepach

“Your team did an amazing Job!!!”

C. Anthony Hughes, ESQ.
Managing Partner | Hughes Financial Law